Why Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dental Crown?

Why Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dental Crown?

Children’s teeth can suffer from many of the same issues as adults. For example, children may accidentally chip or break a tooth or decay from poor brushing and flossing habits. A pediatric crown can protect a weak tooth and help your child chew and speak comfortably. It can also improve their appearance by restoring their smile’s natural shape and size. When combined with good oral hygiene practices, children can continue to enjoy a healthy smile into adulthood. A crown is designed from advanced materials to look natural and blend seamlessly with your smile. At Dr. Grant Gerety, we customize your new crown to match your tooth’s size, shape, color, and texture. Once placed, your crown will look and perform like a natural tooth!

When Is a Pediatric Dental Crown Needed?

Severe Tooth Decay

When a tooth is so decayed that there is no other option besides removing it, a permanent dental crown can be placed on it to restore its look and structure.

Traumatic Injury

If a child’s tooth is knocked out due to trauma, an implant may be needed to be placed into the jawbone where the root used to be. The missing tooth is then capped with a dental crown to make the visible portion of the tooth functional again.

Orthodontic Correction

Once orthodontic treatment has been completed on a child’s mouth, it may be necessary to place permanent dental crowns on teeth that have been moved. These crowns help the bite fit together correctly and restore an attractive smile.

The Benefits of Pediatric Crowns

Because baby teeth are smaller than adult teeth, they are more susceptible to tooth decay and damage. Children often put things in their mouths that are hard or sharp, such as bottle caps, pencils, pieces of toys, and raw vegetables. Although your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend brushing twice per day, even that may not be enough to prevent cavities from forming in their teeth. Cavities are common in children because they still have many developing issues in their oral health, including more robust acid levels in the mouth and poor oral hygiene habits.

Fortunately, your dentist can provide your child with high-quality dental crowns to help protect and strengthen their tooth structure. By using a crown, you can restore your child’s tooth to its original shape and eliminate any decay or infections present in the tooth. A crown can also help protect your child’s tooth from further disease while restoring full function so they can eat and speak properly. 

If your child has a cavity or has experienced a tooth injury that requires a crown, contactDr. Grant Gerety at Warren Clinic Bldg # 7, 4606 E. 67th St., Suite 310, Tulsa, OK 74136 or call (918) 493-3031to schedule a consultation appointment. We can design a custom treatment plan for your child to protect their smile now and well into the future.


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