Oral Sedation in Tulsa, OK

Oral Sedation in Tulsa, OK

The use of oral sedation is prevalent in dentistry to aid patients in relaxation during their dental appointments. In most cases, this medication comes in the form of a pill that you are supposed to take before your surgery. It encourages moderate sedation, where you will wake up feeling refreshed after your treatment. 

Who Can Opt for Oral Sedation? 

Many people get intimidated when they hear about their appointment at a dental clinic. If you are one of them, we may give this form of sedation to you. Oral sedation is also administered to patients with an intense gag reflex. 

In some cases, we provide oral sedation to all those whose procedure involves lengthy dental work or cosmetic dentistry. We also offer oral sedation to children during their procedures and treatments.

What are the Advantages of Oral Sedation? 

Oral sedation is easy to administer to children. They are merely required to take a pill to keep themselves calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. We give this pill an hour before the procedure. 

Other forms of sedation, like IV sedation, require the use of a needle to sedate the patients. The thought of needles put young patients under immense fear and anxiety. But this is not the case with oral sedation. 

Some doses of oral sedation cause young patients to have little or no memory of the procedure. Thus, if your child suffers from dental fear and often thinks about their dental procedure too much, oral sedation will save them from doing so. 

Oral sedation is one of the safest forms of sedation approved and regulated by the FDA. Rest assured, your child will not bear any side effects of the pill. 

Although they may experience drowsiness after sedation, they will still be responsive and awake. They can listen to us and respond to our instructions during the procedure. 

How to Prepare for Oral Sedation? 

Oral sedation does not require any preparation. Before the procedure, we will inquire about your child’s medical history. We will also ask them a few questions to determine whether they are suitable for this form of sedation or not. 

They will be given the dosage depending upon their age, health, and method of treatment. You may discuss with us all the questions and queries about the sedation. The effects of oral sedation may last somewhere between two to eight hours. It further depends upon the dosage your child has been administered. 

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